Comparing some of the most popular platforms for buying and selling tickets

There are countless ticket resale marketplaces, so it can be hard to choose which marketplace to use. When assessing marketplaces, we look to qualities like the low price and high buyer protection.

Price is largely a function of ticket fees. For a single event, we found that ticket resale fees can range from 12% to 45% of seller proceeds. Buyers should be wary of marketplaces that don’t include fees in their advertised prices. Marketplaces with lower fees usually have lower ticket prices.

Buyer protection protects fans from purchasing fake tickets. Most marketplaces offer guarantees to support buyers. We discovered that guarantees are not all created equally.

We recommend comparing prices from a couple of different platforms. Specifically, check StubHub, TickPick, and Lyte when available.

Facebook and Craigslist offer completely unsupervised platforms for ticket exchange. While sellers on unsupervised markets tend to offer fair prices, many supposed sellers are actually scammers waiting to run with fans’ money. We published an article a few weeks back with some guidelines for purchasing secondhand tickets. In this article, we will asses the more regulated ticket resale markets StubHub, TickPick, and Lyte when available.

Top 3 Marketplaces for Ticket Buyers

1. Lyte

Overview: Some events use Lyte as their official ticket exchange. Instead of an open marketplace, Lyte either sets the price of tickets or allows buyers to bid for available tickets. When you buy a ticket on Lyte, you know you’re getting an authentic ticket.


  1. 100% authentic tickets
  2. No hidden fees


  1. Prices are often higher than face value and can be higher than other marketplaces
  2. Limited ticket supply
  3. Long wait times

Conclusion: Fake tickets cause a lot of stress. Lyte is the only marketplace that can actually guarantee authenticity. All other marketplaces deal with fraud by issuing a refund or a new ticket. 

2. StubHub

Overview: StubHub is the largest ticket marketplace by volume. While susceptible to fraud, StubHub will not hesitate to ensure fans get access to a real ticket, reimbursing them if need be. A few weeks ago, Joe bought a ticket on StubHub that he never received. This article outlines his experience.


  1. Best-known ticket marketplace
  2. Good customer service
  3. Easy to use platform


  1. High fees of up to 45% of seller proceeds
  2. Both the buyer and seller pay fees
  3. Can’t prevent fake tickets

Conclusion: StubHub’s superior customer service makes it #2 in our rankings. However, you must price check! If TickPick has meaningfully lower ticket prices, then TickPick is the best move.

3. TickPick

Overview: TickPick is a low fee ticket marketplace that doesn’t charge buyer fees. Our CTO, Corbin bought a fake ticket from TickPick. Instead of providing a replacement ticket, they simply refunded Corbin.


  1. TickPick’s fees are very low, often less than half of StubHub’s
  2. No fees for buyers
  3. Easy to use platform


  1. Can’t prevent fake tickets
  2. TickPick is more likely to offer a refund for fake tickets than provide replacement tickets

Conclusion: TickPick often has lower ticket prices due to their low fees. In most cases, it makes sense to choose the lower price option. 

No Ticket Marketplace is Perfect

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