There are countless ticket resale marketplaces, so it can be hard to choose which one to use. Fees and buyer demand are two main considerations for anyone who wants to resell a ticket. 

Fees vary widely across resale marketplaces. For a single event, we found that ticket resale fees can range from 12% to 45% of seller proceeds. There are three types of fee structures: the buyer pays the fee, the seller pays the fee or both parties pay fees. 

Buyer demand also varies across resale marketplaces. Demand depends on ticket prices and buyer volume. Ticket prices are impacted by marketplace fees, so lower fees should mean higher buyer volume. However, marketplaces with a better brand and more marketing spend can bring in more buyers despite their high price point.

Top Marketplaces for Ticket Sellers



  1. TickPick’s fees are very low (often less than half of StubHub’s)
  2. Doesn’t charge buyer fees
  3. Buyers enjoy TickPick’s money-back guarantee
  4. Easy to use platform


  1. TickPick is less known than other sites, like StubHub

Conclusion: TickPick has dramatically lower fees than other market places and a sufficient number of buyers.



  1. Best-known ticket marketplace
  2. Buyers enjoy StubHub’s money-back guarantee
  3. Easy to use platform


  1. Very high ticket fees
  2. Both the buyer and seller pay fees

Conclusion: StubHub would be the clear winner if it weren’t for its insanely high fees, which can be up to 45% of the seller’s earnings. StubHub is ranked above all other marketplaces with moderate fees due to the sheer number of buyers that use their site.

No other marketplace, including SeatGeek and Vivid Seats, can compare to StubHub’s notoriety and have higher fees than TickPick. Thus, they all fall into the same category.

Facebook and Craigslist

Facebook and Craigslist platforms don’t charge fees. However, they are very hard to trust because there is no buyer protection. It is also more work to find buyers. These are great places to sell tickets to small, high demand shows.

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