What’s Going on With Secondary Marketplaces?

Everyone says ticket fees are too high, but they can be even higher than some think. StubHub is the best-known ticket resale site and often has the highest fees. Other popular resale sites include Seat Geek, Vivid Seats, and TickPick. All of these companies offer similar products but structure their fees and services differently. It’s critical for both buyers and sellers of tickets to know what they’re getting into.

We’ll show you examples of the extreme fees charged by StubHub and Vivid Seats. We purchased tickets to Odesza’s A Moment Apart tour. Odesza always puts on an incredible show and this was going to be one for the books. As expected, tickets sold out immediately, so I turned to the secondary market. I was willing to pay a lot, but I wanted to know how much I was getting ripped off. I went undercover as a seller to see which site would have the lowest fees and I took screenshots of everything. I couldn’t investigate Seat Geek because they required me to upload the ticket before listing a ticket, which I didn’t have.

Ticket resale fees:

Lowest Fees: TickPick

TickPick had the lowest fees and the best transparency. For the buyer, they don’t add any fees at checkout. Their system works pretty well too. Ticket pricing is very important, but there are a couple of other things to consider. Check out this article to learn more about the marketplaces for ticket buyers.

StubHub Charged 45% fees

Vivid Seats Charged 31% Fees

TickPick Charged 12% Fees

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